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Forklifts are industrial vehicles that have forks in the front that go under things like pallets. They also have a motor and controllers that allow you to lift the forks, as well as the load you placed on them. Then, the load can be transported and set where you want it. This article will give you information on some types of forklifts and examples of times they might be used. Plus, you will be provided with information on how they can help around your business.

Warehouse forklifts

The warehouse forklift is the standard type of forklift that's usually used in the warehouse industry. These forklifts look a bit like golf carts with forks on the front of them. They have an open design that makes it easy for the operator to see all the way around. The forks that are on warehouse forklifts are designed just right for going underneath, lifting, transporting, and setting down pallets. These forklifts come in different sizes and load capacities, so you can get the one that meets the needs of your warehouse. 

Counterbalance forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are ones that also have forks in the front. However, this type of forklift also weights the back. This weight adds the weight necessary on the forklift to prevent it from tipping over when moving a heavy load. There are different models of this type of forklift. There are ones with three wheels that make it, so the operator can safely and smoothly maneuver the forklift in circles. There are also stand-up ones, and these allow the operator to jump on and off quickly. 

Telescope forklift

The telescope forklift is a combination of a forklift and a crane, with a boom and an extender arm. These forklifts can move large and heavy loads to high heights, and they can reach odd angles. 

Some advantages of using forklifts

Without a forklift in the workplace or on the job site, employees may have to go through much more to move loads. They might have to do a lot of heavy lifting, which increases the chances of things like back injuries. Also, they might have to use awkward equipment, such as hand dollies, to transport the loads. Many loads may have to be unpacked just to be transported to a different spot.  With a forklift, everything can get done in a much safer and more efficient way.

For more information about forklifts, contact a local supplier. 

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