Three Essential Factors Used Equipment Buyers Look For Before Making A Purchase

Ideally, when selling your used equipment, you want to attract used equipment buyers willing to pay reasonable prices for your equipment. However, it is essential to note that used equipment dealers are also looking for a good investment in the used equipment. As a result, if your used equipment doesn't meet the investment criteria of a used equipment buyer, they will bargain vigorously on the price or neglect your used equipment entirely.

Thus, before selling any used equipment, it is advisable to research the various factors used equipment buyers consider before purchasing equipment. Ensuring your used equipment meets the criterion used by used equipment buyers not only ensures you fetch a reasonable price but also facilitates a quick sale.

Hence, here are three essential factors used by equipment buyers to determine if your used equipment is worth their investment.


Typically, when buying a new piece of equipment, the first consideration you make is the specs of the said piece of equipment. As a result, the same principle applies when buying a used piece of equipment. Typically, when used equipment buyers are looking for a specific piece of machinery to buy, they will usually have a list of desired specs they want the equipment to have.

It is also essential to note that potential equipment buyers will inspect the equipment before purchasing. Thus, if you had replaced some parts with lower spec parts that don't match the equipment's original specifications, you may have to lower the selling price.

Nonetheless, if you had replaced some parts with better/higher spec parts, thus uplifting the specs of the equipment, potential buyers may be willing to meet your selling price without much bargaining.

Condition of the Equipment

Before buying a secondhand piece of equipment, a potential used equipment buyer will usually have to assess its current condition. One of the main problems with buying used equipment revolves around the possibility of buying a piece of machinery that has an underlying problem. As a result, before a used equipment buyer purchases your equipment, they will have to determine whether its current condition requires any repairs or maintenance after purchasing it.

However, even if the used equipment you are selling is in tip-top condition, your word of mouth is not sufficient to convince an experienced used equipment buyer about the condition of the equipment. As a result, you need to have sufficient proof of the equipment's repair and maintenance history.

If you do not have concise and up-to-date maintenance records for your equipment, an experienced used equipment buyer will doubt the equipment's overall conditions even if there are no visible issues. Alternatively, the used equipment buyer may decide to pass on the offer and look for used equipment elsewhere.

However, when you have up-to-date records of the used equipment's maintenance history, a used equipment buyer can use the records to establish the current condition of your equipment and whether your selling price is worth the equipment's condition.

Current Market Conditions 

Irrespective of whether the used equipment you are selling is in good condition and has the exact specifications a used equipment buyer is looking for; you need to sell it at a reasonable price. Just like everyone else, used equipment buyers want to buy a commodity that is reasonably priced.

Thus, before considering buying your used equipment, an experienced buyer will first research the current market prices for similar equipment. Typically, even if your used equipment is in good condition, if your selling price is significantly higher than the average prices in the market for similar equipment, buyers may shy away from it due to its overvaluation.

Thus, the best way to attract potential used equipment buyers is by setting the price slightly higher than the average market price for similar used equipment. Remember, used equipment buyers will always try to bargain on the price. Thus, setting the price slightly above the market average provides room for a bit of negotiation. Hence, even if the used equipment buyer drives your price down by bargaining, you still get to sell your used equipment at the average market price or slightly higher.

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