Things You Need To Know When Renting A Skid Steer Loader

A skid steer rental is typically available through an equipment rental shop in your area, and there are many great uses from these downsized loaders. People often rent skid steers when working on a landscaping project, especially if they are working with a lot of rocks or need to move a lot of loose material like soil or gravel around. 

Maneuverability And Speed

If you have never operated one of these loaders, it is a good idea to have the skid steer rental company give you a quick explanation of the machine's controls and capabilities. These are small machines in terms of size, but they can lift a lot of weight and move pretty quickly. 

The skid steer rental company can show you how to control the unit and go over the weight and lift limits of the machine with you. Even though the machine is compact, it can lift enough weight to tip over the machine if the load is off-balance, so keeping the weight low is critical for the safe operation of the machine. 

The skid steer rental loader can spin around 360 degrees on a fixed point as well, and when you move too fast, it can become disorienting, so when you first start working with the machine, drive slow and take your time. You will get a feel for the machine as you operate it, and then you can pick up the pace if you like.

Lifting Loose Materials

Moving gravel and other loose materials is so much easier with a skid steer loader rental, but the machine carries the weight of the material to the area you need it. When you get the material where you want to place it, use a very light touch on the bucket controls, and the bucket can move slow and smoothly so that you dump small amounts of material from it. 

Sometimes it is better to bring the material to the area you need it and then use a small shovel to unload the bucket. If you are laying gravel in a hardscape that already has rocks, lights, and plants in it, you can control where the gravel goes using this method and avoid damage to those items. 

Professional landscapers are often seen doing this with materials because even if they have an operator that has been behind the controls of the skid steer for years, you can not overcome gravity. Rocks falling on your new plantings is never a good situation.

When you are moving large stones, you can use the bucket of the skid steer loader and place them in the perfect spot with a bit of trial and error. Talk to the skid steer rental company about what you are using the machine for, and they can also recommend accessories that they rent that can help do the job you are doing easier. 

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