Recommendations To Help You Rent Your Next Trencher For Your Yard Project

When you have a yard project that requires digging or moving earth, one of the best ways to help you during the project is by renting the right construction equipment. A trencher is a great versatile tool that allows you to dig to the depth and width you need but also has a good potential to maneuver into hard-to-reach areas, such as next to your home's foundation, without damaging the structure. However, to help you look at certain specifics and details when you are needing a trencher for your next yard excavation project, here are some recommendations to consider when you rent a trencher.

Look at the Trencher Capacity

Not all trenchers have the same digging capacity because manufacturers realize that not all projects need the same trenching power. For example, if you are excavating a trench for your sprinkler system, you are not going to need a trencher that can excavate down to a maximum depth of four feet. You do not need all the extra excavation power and it may cause you problems when you only need a trench dug at twelve inches.

But keep in mind the more power you rent in your trencher, the less it will limit you during your project. If you were to rent a trencher that can excavate up to a depth of 24 inches because that is the depth you need to excavate for your electrical wire conduit trench, you are not going to be successful in your trenching. The trencher will not be able to keep the trench excavated entirely at 24 inches because there may be rocks that get in the way of the trencher to cause your trench to be more shallow in spots. 

Also, some of the dirt may fall back into your trench as you pass by, so if you dig at 24 inches, you might have three inches of dirt fall back into your trench, which will require you to manually shovel out the extra three inches. So, it is best to rent a trencher that can dig slightly deeper than what you actually need to excavate at. 

Evaluate the Mobility

Another detail to look at when you are renting a trencher is how well the trencher moves over the ground. Are the trencher's wheels inflated and maintained so the trencher moves properly or are the tires worn out and nearly bald? Although you may be tempted to focus on the function of the trenching chain, if you don't have good traction over the soil, the trencher won't work as you need it to. Some trenchers are available with tracks instead of wheels, which make the trencher easier to work on slippery or uneven bumpy surfaces.

Contact a local construction equipment rental service to learn more about options.

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