Six Skid Steer Attachments Every Homesteader Needs

If you are planning a life of homesteading and living off the land, you are going to need some heavy-duty construction equipment to help you. For most homesteaders, a skid steer is a necessity. This compact but powerful piece of machinery is used to dig, push, pull, and lift material. With dozens of attachments, this powerhouse workhorse can do even more. Here are six skid steer attachments every homesteader should own.


Do you have acres and acres of ranch land you need to enclose? An auger attachment for your skid steer will make setting fence posts a lot easier and quicker. Your auger can also be used to drill holes for planting fruit and nut trees or digging the footings for decks, docks, and pier foundations.


A backhoe is probably the most important attachment your skid steer needs. This attachment will allow you to dig out your foundation, utility trenches, septic system, and more. It will also come in handy for when it comes time to landscape, put your garden in, or dig a pond.

Brush Saw

When it comes time to prepare your building site, a brush saw will be indispensable. With the brush saw, you can go in and quickly cut down brush, bushes, and small trees. A brush saw is also great for getting rid of blackberry brambles or other thorny bushes that are otherwise difficult to eradicate.

Rock Loaders

If you are homesteading in an area with rocky soil or glacial till, it can be a huge job removing all the rocks from the soil. A rock loader will make preparing your fields a lot easier as its toothed bucket will pick out the rocks but leave the soil behind. A rock loader's tines can also be used to remove other debris, such as twigs or even garbage, making site cleanup a breeze.

Stump Grinder

Is your land heavily wooded? If so, you're likely going to need to fell a lot of trees over the years. Clearing the land for your home site, outbuildings, and fencing means a lot of leftover stumps when you're building on a wooded site. A stump grinder will take care of the base left behind when you cut down a tree.


If you live in a snowbelt, a snowblower attachment is a must. It will allow you to clear the snow where your truck won't fit, such as walkways and other tight areas. You can also get an attachment that will throw the snow further or into a pull-behind trailer so you can cart it away. 

For more information, contact companies that sell skid steer attachments.

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