3 Equipment Pieces To Rent For Your DIY In-Ground Pool Installation Project

Crisp and clean water awaits you in your backyard. It has been a long and hot summer day, so you dive right in and enjoy the refreshing experience. An in-ground pool is alluring to homeowners for obvious reasons, but having one installed by a professional can get pretty costly. If you have a fair amount of experience with using heavy equipment and a little skill, you can rent a lot of what you need to install an in-ground pool on your property at an equipment rental store. Here is a look at some of the items you should bring home from the equipment rental store for the installation of your own backyard pool. 

Small Backhoe

If the equipment rental company has a mini excavator available, this should work well for the purpose, but oftentimes, mini excavators are harder to find. If you find yourself in this situation and you plan to dig a massive hole for an in-ground pool, a backhoe will be about as good. Not only can the backhoe be used to dig the hole for the pool, it can be used to dig trenches for any water lines you have to install during the process as well. 

Ground Protection Mats

As you are driving the backhoe around and maneuvering to get to all of those areas where the in-ground pool will eventually be, you will not want to cause a lot of damage to the rest of your yard. Ground protection mats are made out of industrial-grade rubber, and they are designed to protect the underlying ground from getting scarred when heavy equipment is in use. You simply lay the mats down wherever you know you will be driving the backhoe around, and since the mats cover several square feet of yard space, you can maneuver the equipment without concern of causing a lot of ugly damage. 

Industrial Stump Grinder

Even if you do not have stumps around the planned area where your pool will go, you may have a series of tree roots if there are large trees close by. These tree roots can be extremely difficult to remove by hand, and digging them up with a backhoe can be a challenge because they are still connected to the tree. Instead, you should use a stump grinder, which will shred the tree roots into sawdust-like material that can be easily removed by hand or with the backhoe scoop.

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