3 Necessary Forklift Attachments Your Warehouse Needs For Maximum Efficiency

Regardless of the type of warehouse setting you own and operate, the ongoing theory is usually this: You must be able to get as much done in as little time as possible and stay safe and efficient while doing it. There is no doubt that the forklift is your go-to machine to make things happen quickly in the workplace, but this one piece of equipment can be completely altered where efficiency is concerned with just a few attachments. You could see this standard warehouse equipment go from basic to extraordinarily helpful and effective with the right attachments. Check out these necessary forklift attachments your warehouse needs for maximum operational efficiency. 

Four-Fork Pallet Handler - You now have the possibility of moving full pallets of warehouse merchandise, but what if you could safely move two pallets at the exact same time using one forklift? This is exactly what the four-fork pallet handler, sometimes also called a single-double pallet handler, is designed to do. This attachment has four forks instead of two, which means an operator could pick up two pallets side by side. These attachments can be used for single or double loads because the forks are fully adjustable. Therefore, an operator could move palletized goods twice as quickly. 

Lift Boom - You may look at your forklift as just a piece of equipment useful for moving pallets, but with a lift boom, you have a multipurpose material handler that can be used much like a crane to lift heavy objects and transport them. Lift boom attachments for forklifts are most often telescopic, which means they have a lift arm that can be extended and retracted as each specific job requires. If you have transport needs in your warehouse that do not involve palletized merchandise, a telescoping lift boom attachment for your forklift will definitely be a good investment. 

Fork Extensions - If you have extra deep pallet racking systems with ample width for more than just one pallet, basic fork extensions can be a huge advantage to have around. These forks slip right onto the existing forklift forks to give the operator a greater reach during operation. In situations when a pallet is pushed far back from the edge of a pallet rack or when retrieving palletized goods from a truck is difficult because of the loaded arrangement, these pallet forks can definitely make the tasks go a lot faster than usual. 

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