What Do You Need To Do When You're Renting A Crane?

A crane can open up a lot of opportunities for your fledgling construction business. However, purchasing a brand-new crane and having to store and maintain it can be too much to deal with. Luckily, rentals are a possibility, but you've got to do some of the following things so the experience can go well.

Find a Driver

When thinking about getting a crane on site, it's easy to forget you're going to need someone to operate that machine. Not everyone can do it; if your site happens to be inspected when the crane is there and the driver is not licensed to operate it, you may face costly fines.

If you have someone in your employ who has a commercial license to drive a crane, it could save you some money to have them operate the machine for you. By getting a "bare rental", the rental crane company will simply drop off the crane by itself. If no one on site will have the proper licensing to work the crane, you'll have to spend a little more money to have the rental company dispatch an operator in addition to the machine.

Have a Professional Assess the Site

If you aren't used to using these machines regularly, you may have some questions about the required crane size for your work and whether the site is ready for the crane. There may be branches, bushes and unstable ground in the area that needs to be addressed before the crane gets there. For that reason, it's smart to ensure that someone from the crane company can head to your site and give you some idea of what needs to be done. They should also be able to provide some guidance about what size crane could work best in order to complete the project.

Plan Work

A crane is a valuable addition to any site, but if there are delays and problems along the way, it can cause as many problems as it solves. That's why you must take time to properly plan everyone's work schedule so that the crane fits in seamlessly. Know in which order loads should be lifted so there's as little downtime as possible.

After reading this article, you will be better prepared to make smart decisions whenever you're renting a crane to use for your business. Be sure that you discuss crane rentals with a crane company that can provide the machines you need so you can complete the work facing you.

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