Looking To Transport Heavy Construction Equipment? Factors To Consider As You Look To Hire An Equipment Transportation Services

If you need your heavy construction equipment, such as tractors, bulldozers, cranes, palletizers or hullers moved from one location to another, you will be looking to hire an equipment transportation service. While you likely know the importance of researching the company, comparing the price quotes you get and ensuring the service has enough insurance to cover the value of the item you are hauling, there are other factors you should consider that you may not be aware of. Here are a few of the lesser known factors you should consider when you are looking to hire an equipment transportation service to transport your heavy construction equipment.

If They Can Transport Your Equipment Without Disassembling or Dismantling Your Equipment

One of the questions you should ask as you try to find the right transportation service for you is whether the company you are talking to can transport your piece of heavy construction equipment without having to disassemble or dismantle it. Having to disassemble and then reassemble heavy construction equipment can be laborious, tedious and time consuming. While there are times where it may be required due to weight or size restrictions on certain routes, if a carrier can avoid it, it should be avoided. Having the right equipment and knowing what routes don't have restrictions can help prevent this from needing to be done.

If They Use GPS Tracking Services

As you look to have your heavy construction equipment shipped from one location to another, you will likely find that a shipper will not give you an exact date and time that your item will be delivered. This is because there are many factors that can affect the delivery time including loading time, traffic, road construction and weather. For long distances, the shipping company will give you a range of a couple days for delivery and for short distances, you may get a several hour drop off window. However, if you use a company that offers GPS tracking services, you can track your equipment from point A to point B, giving you a good idea as to when your equipment may be arriving, and allowing you to see where it is at all times. As such, always ask an equipment transportation service if they offer or use GPS tracking.

If Drivers are Trained and Take Part in Continuing Education Courses

An equipment transportation services driver is simply required to have their commercial truck driving license. However, this does not guarantee that they know how to load, unload and handle heavy construction equipment. Companies that offer heavy construction equipment transportation services may require that their drivers take part in training and continuing education courses that teach the driver how to load, tie down, haul, and unload many of the types of equipment they will be working with. This helps ensure that the job is done correctly, without damaging your equipment. As such, this is something you want to look for in a transportation company.

Heavy construction equipment is expensive. As such, you want to pick the right company when you need to transported from one location to another. Carefully considering all of these factors will help you select the best transport company for your equipment. Contact a local transportation company, like RBS Hot Shot Service, LLC or a similar location, for more information and tips.

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