Learn How To Have Your Laundry Room Relocated

When you buy a home, there are often certain areas of the home that can be changed to make it a better fit for your family. A commonly remodeled area of many homes is the laundry room. Many people do not want their laundry room to be outdoors or to be in the kitchen of their home. If your laundry room is located in an area that is not the best option for your family, use the guide below to learn how to have it moved to a different area of your home quickly and easily.

Determine Where You Want the New Laundry Room to be Located

First, you need to determine where you want to move the laundry room to. Moving a laundry room to the second story of your home when it was located in the lower level of your home will be very difficult. It is best to keep the laundry room on the same floor that it was originally located so that the water lines and dryer duct can easily be rerouted as needed.

Determine How Large You Want the Space to Be

Next, you need to determine how large you want the laundry room to be. Remember that you are limited by the space that is available in the home or you will have to add onto the house to create more space. Depending on your budget, simply moving a few walls may be the best option for you because it will cost far less to move a wall or two than it will to extend an area of your home.

Determine the Layout for the Space

You need to determine how you want the space to be laid out. Determine where you want the washer and dryer to be placed, if you want a wash sink in the room, and if you want any countertops in the space to use when you need to fold laundry.

Have New Utility Installation Done

Once you have determined where everything will be placed in the room, you can have a professional technician come and install the new lines for the utilities. You want to be sure that they are done properly to ensure that there is no chance of a short occurring and an accidental fire taking place.

Once all of the new lines for the washer and dryer have been installed, the washer and dryer can be moved. The contractors will be able to install them for you to ensure that the installation is done properly. Once your new laundry room is complete, you can use the space where the old laundry room was located in a more useful way.

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