Are You Looking To Purchase Scaffolding? Learn Some Of The Factors You Should Consider As You Shop For Yours

Scaffolding can be used to help you access items at heights you can't reach on your own. However, unlike a ladder, a scaffold has a platform, giving you some space to maneuver and work at this height. Commonly, people who are painting or installing siding to the exterior of a home use scaffolding. If you are working on a home improvement project or own a construction company, you may be thinking about buying scaffolding. But not all scaffolding is the same. Here are a few of the factors that set some scaffolding apart from others.

What the Scaffolding is Made From

As you look to buy scaffolding, consider what type of metal material it is made from. Most scaffolding is made from aluminum or steel. Generally, steel costs more, but it supports more weight. Always consider the weight limits and then select a scaffolding metal type that meets these weight limits and fits within your budget.

If the Scaffolding Stacks

Another feature to consider is whether the scaffolding stacks. Some scaffolding can be stacked on top of each other, creating a tower effect. This can help you reach higher heights than a single platform scaffolding. If you are looking to reach higher heights with scaffolding, always look for one that is designed to stack. If the scaffolding does not state that it is safe to, or is designed to be stacked, it is not designed for this and it should never be done.

The Type of Ladder Adhered to the Scaffolding

The last feature that you need to pay close attention to as you shop for scaffolding is the type of ladder adhered to the scaffolding. Most scaffolding has a ladder built in to the side, allowing workers to climb up and down. The most common type of ladder on the side is a step ladder. This has rungs just like a traditional ladder that most of us are used to seeing. You or an employee can climb up and down the rungs to reach the platform. Another type of ladder that can be found on the side of scaffolding is a platform ladder. This type of ladder has a few rungs and then a larger platform. Then a few more rungs followed by a larger platform. This is perfect for those who may need a small break while climbing or for those who want  to be able to do some work off the side of the scaffolding. The last type of ladder that can be found on the side of scaffolding is a trestle ladder. A trestle ladder has an additional base, helping to stabilize the scaffolding. This is perfect for those working in windy conditions.

Selecting the right scaffolding for your project can be challenging. However, if you focus on what materials the scaffolding is made from, if the scaffolding stacks and how high, and the type of ladder adhered to the side of the scaffolding, you should be able to find the perfect scaffolding, such as at All Star Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc., for your construction project.

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