Five Important Benefits of Recycling Transformers

Don't assume that a transformer that's no longer functioning properly at your facility should be thrown away. In fact, recycled transformers can be useful to others, and recycling your own transformers can be financially beneficial to you. 

The following are five of the major benefits transformer recycling offers to you, the environment, and other businesses in your area.

Getting money back from scrap metal

Transformers include a lot of metal components. You probably already know that recycling scrap metal can bring in a lot of money for those in construction and manufacturing. When a transformer is disassembled, it can be broken down into component parts that are sold to metal dealers, smelters, and others. 

Avoiding fees and penalties caused by improper disposal

If you're working with transformers at your facility, you need to be aware of the fact that transformers contain a variety of different fluids and oils. These fluids and oils can pose a safety hazard if they are not disposed of properly. As such, both state and federal laws dictate the precautions that must be taken to dispose of transformer fluids properly.

The only way to be sure that you're disposing of transformers properly is to work with a transformer recycling service. Those who offer recycling of transformers as a service know all of the regulations in place in your area that dictate how transformers can properly be disposed of. The service will therefore protect you from potentially expensive fines you might face if you're disposing of transformer components illegally. 

Allowing others to reuse equipment that is no longer of value to you

Recycling transformers is good for business because it can allow other companies to acquire equipment and components they need cheaply. You might have no use for your transformer anymore, but that doesn't mean that no one else will.

Entire businesses are built on recycling scrap metal, and you support these businesses when you recycle transformers.

Having transformers properly removed by experts

The safest way to deal with transformer handling and disposal is to let the experts take over once your transformer equipment is no longer working as it should. 

Removing a transformer from complex equipment pieces at your facility can be dangerous. If you work with an experienced transformer recycler, you can take advantage of their expertise at handling transformer dismounting and removing.

Keeping materials out of landfills

Of course, any kind of recycling benefits society in general by keeping materials out of landfills. Landfills take up space and can compromise the health of the environment. 

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