Determining The Right Choice For Your Rented Crane Hoist Sling

Now that your building project has reached the point where it is time to rent a crane and hoist sling to move your building materials, it's important that you rent the right type of crane sling. Crane slings are made out of either metal or synthetic fibers. Hoist slings vary in material compositions and configuration styles to ensure you the ability to lift a large variety of heavy or bulky loads.

Since choosing the right crane hoist sling is vital for the success of your building project, here are some notes to help you make the right choice:

The Metal Crane Hoist Sling Configuration Options

Metal crane hoist slings can be rented in three different configurations, each of which is strong, versatile, and repairable if damaged on your job site:

Metal Wire Rope Slings: Metal wire rope slings are often used to lift hot loads using industrial cranes. This type of rigging is ideal for loads that need more stability than a metal chain sling.  

Metal Chain Slings: Metal chain slings are frequently used to lift bulky loads because they can be repaired if damaged, tolerate high temperatures, and are very strong.

Metal Mesh Slings: Metal mesh slings are configured in such as way that they act as a basket that wraps around, and under, your building material load. Mesh slings are often used to lift containers of smaller parts that are very heavy and need to be contained in one place.

The Synthetic Crane Hoist Sling Configuration Options

Synthetic Rope Slings: Synthetic rope crane hoist slings work very well for lifting bulky loads that do not have any abrasive materials contained within them. The ropes are strong, but they can become abraded and break on rough loads.

Synthetic Round Slings: Synthetic round slings are used to wrap around large containers or bulky loads such as lumber. By attaching a sling on each end, this type of crane hoist sling is very stable.

Synthetic Web Slings: Synthetic web slings are similar to metal web slings, however, fiber slings are not able to lift heavy loads. If you are lifting building materials, then a metal web sling is a better option. If you are lifting light but bulky materials, then a synthetic web sling is ideal.

Now that you have more information about the various configurations and material types used to make crane hoists that you can rent to move your building materials on your job site. Armed with this information, you can rent the right crane sling to meet the needs of your project. For more information, talk to a crane service in your area.

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